Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication

In 2014, the three partners of WWD Design - now a Premek Hi-Tech unit dedicated to the development of design projects - began to think about an innovative product for the transport and refrigeration of wine bottles. They share the idea with ISIA, the most qualified Italian design university institute, which takes up the challenge and launches a competition among students to create the product.

The challenge was won by Mattia Gobbo, Brian Diaz and Bruno Testa, who decided to build a wine cooler with the unusual and minimalist shape of an egg.

From this idea the first prototypes were born: WEGG is increasingly perfected until it is ready to be placed on the market. WEGG is positioned as an elegant, smart design object suitable for everyday use. Due to its aesthetic quality and the versatility given by the numerous finishes available, WEGG is perfect for the home, but also for the ho.re.ca sector, as it fits perfectly even in very different contexts. The evolution of WEGG is DEMI: simply, half of WEGG. DEMI is no longer a container, but becomes the ideal tool for bringing wine to the table, cooling it to the desired temperature and keeping it fresh throughout the meal.