WEGG: aesthetics and functionality blend with elegance

WEGG: estetica e funzionalità si fondono con eleganza

“We wanted to create a design object useful as a wrapper for storing wine by cooling it and bringing it to the optimal temperature, which can be presented at the table, which can be used over and over again, and with the wrapper which can become a sort of gift , to give to a friend, perhaps on a special occasion.”.

WEGG is the synthesis of an in-depth study on functionality, materials, aesthetics and practicality which are condensed in the essentiality of its forms.
WEGG was designed to be beautiful but always responsive to the concept of functionality. Each of its components, even the least visible ones, has been designed to be captivating but useful at the same time.

Features of WEGG

Essential design

WEGG represents the originality of the essential thanks to the study of shapes carried out by ISIA Design


WEGG offers various customization opportunities: from various combinations of colors and coverings, up to screen printing with your own logo or slogan

Innovative product

WEGG takes just 30 minutes to bring the wine to serving temperature

Premium Service

You can order your WEGG directly from our e-commerce: choose colors and finishes for unique customization!

Fine finishes

WEGG uses only high quality materials and pays the utmost attention to aesthetic finishes, from galvanic coatings, to silk-screen printing up to precious inserts

Environmental sustainability

WEGG respects the environment by using completely recyclable or biocompatible materials

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